• Care House Collab (CHC)

What’s the Care House Collab?
  • We are a collaborative of professionals from across the nation who provide intervention resources. This network is the culmination of ongoing efforts that began in 2016. Our focus is on bullying, self-harm & suicide ideation. Together, we create a dynamic interchange where we share common problems & effective solutions. 

  • The CHC’s driving force is a program called W.I.T.H. (With Imperfections There’s Hope). The goal of W.I.T.H. is to be a relevant educational resource that empowers schools, parents, and professionals. We do this by sharing tools & creating community that may help address today’s trending concerns. 
Who’s on the CHC Team?
  • The professionals that make up our team are exceptional contributors to their respective fields. Our collaborators include: non-profit leaders, educators, child safety & self-defense trainers, religious leaders, artists + designers, licensed therapists, curriculum specialists, expressive art therapists, and a diverse group of volunteers just like you!

  • We are united by a common goal–to use our professional experiences in a way that fosters hope within our communities. 
What’s the Care House Collab Conference?
  • The CHCC seeks to create in-person networking opportunities. We welcome those on our team and those interested in partnership to attend these quarterly conferences.
  • At the conferences, teammates are able to provide lectures on their field. Their fellows participate because they are interested in learning how to enhance their own professional strategies. 
  • In this way, the CHC team not only builds relationships with each other, but also carries back any new found tools they’ve garnered from meetings.

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